Returning Light
By Oded Mizrachi

True Stories of Ba'alei Teshuvah

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    Translated By Esther Cameron

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    Religious Jewish

In Returning Light, twelve returnees and converts to Judaism tell their stories in their own words:
A Hollywood scriptwriter is miraculously cured.
A diver, trapped with his friends in an underwater cavern, is saved by a miracle.
An Anglican nun whose mother converted to Christianity reclaims her Jewish identity.
A tourist in the Far East takes a hallucinogenic drug and discovers that everything is illusion--except for his tefillin.
From many diverse paths of experience, the tellers of these stories find their way to the One.
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Featured Author,
Henye Meyer

A Stranger to My Brothers

He's maladjusted. He has an Attitude. And once, the priest tells him, he was a Jew.

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    ISBN-10: 1500536156

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    Edited by Elise Teitelbaum

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    Religious Jewish

When a survivor of the First Crusade persuades Martin to explore his heritage, Martin has no idea what he's in for. It's nothing like what he imagined, and it's hard work. And across the Golden Horn lies Constantinople, the most exciting city in the world. Why should Martin stick it out in the Jewish community? Through the choices he makes, Martin begins to understand relationships and responsibility, people and societies, and develops a commitment to a Jewish life. This is a crossover book which will be enjoyed, on different levels, by readers from 12 to adult. Previously published as Fall of the Sun God. Now with glossary added
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